The infrared thermography in the swimming pool surveys

Sometime can happens that the swimming pool, especially the in ground ones, can have leaking problems, not always related to underwater lamps seals or pipings.

Above all, in the swimming pool where the waterproof insulation is made with systems like resins or similar, any failure of the structure can lead to crack formation with consequent water leaks due to the rupture of the waterproof layer. Those pools in fact, not being clad with “flexible” material like e.g. PVC are more sensitive to any adjustment or cracks in the concrete structure.

The infrared thermography can be successfully used to determine the path followed by the water and consequently the leak starting point in emptied and perfectly dried pools. An high thermal and optical resolution camera is mandatory, together with an advanced analysis software, to highlight any small variation of the thermal map. The technique give more chances of success in outdoor swimming pools even if some analysis have been done in indoor pools, with huge surface also.

DWT is tooled for this type of investigation, in Italy and in other countries. For discretion we cannot provide the names of the customers but the images only. In the following images it’s possible to see the presence of water under the pool floor and the cracks at the intersection between the floor and the sides.

 ITC conference PPT Luca

Termografia generale piscina

IR image of the pool (General view)




Particolare zona infiltrata

IR image of the infiltrated area (particular)

Termografia particolare zona infiltrata

IR image of the infiltrated area (particular)

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