Instruments for Industry

Flir IR Cameras – Image analysis software 

Flir P620

High performance Long Wave (7.5 – 13 micron) IR camera with uncooled microbolometric sensor.

The high resolution sensor helps the analysis and minimises the required number of images.

  • Resolution 640×480 pixel
  • IFOV 0.65 mm
  • Digital zoom 2x
  • Digital camera with 3.2 Mpixel
  • Thermal Fusion and PIP functions
  • Time lapse image capture and firewire connection
  • Lenses 24° and 45°


Flir T640

High performance Long Wave (7.8 – 14 micron) IR camera with uncooled microbolometric sensor with a 17 micrometers pitch.
The high resolution sensor helps the analysis and minimises the required number of images.

  • Resolution 640×480 pixel
  • IFOV 0.68 mm with 25° lens
  • Temperature Range extended to 2000°C
  • NETD < 35 mK @ 30°C
  • Digital zoom 8x
  • Digital camera with 5 Mpixel
  • Thermal Fusion, PIP and MSX functions
  • Time lapse acquisition and video recording capability (non radiometric)
  • Lenses 15°, 25° and 45°


Tools +

Enhanced software for reporting under Microsoft Word platform.
It permits a detailed graphical analysis of IR pictures with image fusion capability and the application of the MSX technology for a better image reading and interpretation.

It permits as well the image stitching for architectural and building analysis.
It is equipped with the trending data analysis capability, for component behaviour tracking and failure prediction.


Researcher Pro 2.10

Enhanced R&D Software that allows a professional and sophisticated analysis of the images and of the time lapse sequences.

It allows the creation of charts, time-plots and advanced image analysis, e.g. with image subtraction.

Researcher Pro 2.10 is the “ideal friend” for extremely difficult analysis and when the images are captured at high speed, being the system capable to manage our IR cameras at an acquisition speed up to 120 Hz.


Vibration analyser SPM Instrument

Vib Checker VC100

Portable vibration analyser according the standards ISO 2372 e ISO 10816 part 2, 3 and 4.

  • Frequency range: 10 – 1000 Hz
  • Measurements: RMS / peak / peak-peak
  • RMS measurement range: Speed: 0.5 – 49.9 mm/s
  • Acceleration: 0.5 – 49.9 m/s2
  • Displacement: 0.5 – 99.9 microm
  • Internal accelerometer type MEMS
  • External transducers type TRM1000 or IEPE


Bearing anlyser SPM Instrument

Bearing Checker BC100

Bearing portable analyser with proprietary SPM method – dBm/dBc.
It allows an easy and quick non destructive bearing evaluation directly in the field, for condition monitoring activities and malfunctioning detection.

  • Analysis method: SPM dBm/dBc
    Simple input data: RPM and shaft diameter
  • Storage of last 10 measurement
  • Severity evaluation using color code: green-yellow-red
  • External probe for data acquisition
  • Integrated IR sensor for the bearing housing surface temperature measurement
  • Acoustic analysis of the bearing Shock Pulse spectrum
  • IP54 Class


Multifunctional Data logger for vibration and bearing analysis SPM Instrument

Leonova ™ Infinity

Multifunctional equipment for high performance Condition Monitoring.
The equipment is our “best friend” for bearing analysis, vibration analysis with FFT spectrum analysis feature, rotor balancing and laser shaft alignment.

  • Bearing analysis with methods SPM LR/HR and Spectrum
  • Failure evaluation criteria using SPM EVAM method and vibration spectrum analysis
  • Vibration analysis up to a 40 kHZ frequency
  • Dynamic balancing function with 1 or 2 planes
  • Laser alignment function
  • Bump Test, Run up and Coast down functions
  • Shaft orbit analysis function


Portable analyser for electric asynchronous motors

All-Test PRO 31™

Equipment suitable for the evaluation of every winding insulation defects, equipped with an integrated Mega-Ohm insulation gauge 500/1000 V able to perform a quick test to highlight casting voids and rotor bar cracks.
In combination with the analysis software AT3402-4 is possible to evaluate the motor condition and to forecast the residual life.


Termocamera Flir P620
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Termocamera Flir T640
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Analizzatore SPM Vib Checker VC100
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Analizzatore SPM Bearing Checker BC100
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Analizzatore SPM Leonova Infinity
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Analizzatore Motori All Test Pro AT31
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Software Flir Tools +
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Software Researcher Pro 2.10
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Flir P620 IR Camera
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