Aerothermography and Aerophotography

Helium Balloons

Indoor symmetrical balloon

The indoor simmetrical balloon is used for thermographic surveys and photografic/video control inside interspaces, in particular for cryogenic tanks , or in all other situations where any other lifting device cannot be used or in case of  potential risk of fall.

  • made in medical polyethylene
  • length 5.5 meters
  • diameter 1.5 meters
  • total volume 7 cubic meters
  • maximum payload of 3.5 kg
  • available with fixed aeronautical aluminum alloy camera head


Outdoor asymmetrical balloon

This is the ideal balloon for aerial inspections in altitude even in mild windy conditions. The asymmetrical shape allows this balloon to hover at significant altitudes aways keeping the nose aligned with the wind direction therefore it’s ideal for the use of the radio controlled rotating head, that in case of symmetrical balloons, can cause an undesired spin.

  • made in medical polyethilene
  • length 4.9 meters
  • diameter 2 meters
  • total volume di 12.7 metri cubi
  • maximum payload of  5 kg
  • available with remotely controlled aeronautical aluminum alloy camera head



Our drones are perfect for quick inspections, mainly with digital cameras and video cameras. They are equipped with remotely controlled IR cameras.


    • Configuration up to  8 electrical motors, depending the drone model
    • Zero emissions: suitable for indoor flight
    • Flight range: 1-70 meters
    • Flying time: 8-10 minutes for each flight, depending the installed camera type
    • Max speed: 50 Km/h
    • Payload: up to 1,2 Kg
    • Real time video streaming
    • Possible remote separated control for digital/video/IR cameras
    • Maximum video resolution:  Full HD 1080p, 50fps
    • Maximum digital camera resolution  :  26 MPixel


Our digita, video and IR cameras:

  • Sony Nex-7
  • Go Pro Hero2
  • Flir Tau2
Indoor symmetrical helium balloon
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Outdoor asymmetrical helium balloon
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Drone with stabilized camera head
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