Instruments for Industry

The use of IR cameras only is not enough to ensure the proper approach to the condition monitoring activities.

The condition of machines and the equipment in general often requires different analysis, to understand the working conditions and the potential existence of incipient failures.

The synergy of different techniques, together with different data management software, allows our technicians to supply to the maintenance and technical departments useful information for a proper equipment management and the department performance optimisation.

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Flir T640 IR Camera
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Instruments for Building

The IR thermography often requires the help of different diagnostic techniques to supply quantitative parameters like the the thermal conductivity and the air tightness index of a building envelope.

During legal actions, for example, the supply of clear and exahustive answers con make the difference between a reliable report, that cannot be contested, and a generic report not sufficient to describe the real criticality of the analysed situation.

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Thermal Flow Meter LSI Lastem
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Aerothermography and aerophotography

The accurate analysis of huge and tall buildings and surveys on large areas, like huge photovoltaic fields, are performed using IR cameras installed on helium balloons and unmanned drones.

The costs and the survey time for the IR picture acquisition drop dramatically. The versatility increases.

Above all, the helium balloons don’t require special permits or pilot’s licenses and aren’t subjected to the risk of falling, making their use easier in case of critical or crowded areas.

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Indoor helium balloon
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