Let’s talk about us

We introduce ourselves

DarkWave Thermo is a flexible and dynamic Company, Customer oriented and specialised in IR thermography, vibration analysis and other advanced diagnostic techniques, applied to Industry, Building and Restoration.

We are born after a long experience acquired in International Companies, especially in Maintenance, Production and R&D Departments.

The headquarter is located in Brescia, location chosen for the central position in Northern Italy, and operates with high geographical mobility. Regions of normal operations, but not only, are Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Tuscany and Liguria.


Our history

DarkWave Thermo has been conceived during an important Condition Monitoring experience in a famous Italian food Company.

The acquired experience and the diagnostic techniques applied have been the starting point for DarkWave Thermo’s birth.

The extension of the thermal diagnostic techniques to the Building market happened smoothly after several market requests.

The testing offer has been completed with the introduction of building analysis instruments like the thermal flow meter and the “blower door” test.



DarkWave Thermo works with qualified and certified Level II and Level III technicians according the standard ISO 9712 for NDT – Thermography, certified Level II according ISO 18436 and certified Level III according ITC – Infrared Training Center.

The certifications have been obtained with I.I.S. – Istituto Italiano della Saldatura, BINDT – British Institute of Non Destructive Testing and ITC – Infrared Training Center.

In the Team, DarkWave Thermo can boast an ITC – Infrared Training Center┬áLicensed Instructor with International experience and more than 1500 hour of training for certified Level I and II courses in Italy, East Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our technicians got thermography and vibration analysis experience in the industrial market working in the fields of condition monitoring, proactive maintenance, TPM, process analysis, R&D.

Building diagnostics represent, now a day, about 50% of the technicians’ activities.

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Years of experience

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Partner leader

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Analysis techniques

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Availiability days

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Always in Evolution

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Since our first Infrared Camera, the incredible Agema 550, we are now at the new Flir T640. From our first SPM A10 bearing analyser we are now operationg with the SPM Diamond.
Today our first goal is to get the Level III certification in thermography and vibration analysis according ISO 18436 standard for all our technicians.
We would like to implement the FEM analysis in building applications.
Last but not least, we want to grow in the International Market, where we operate in partnership with ITC – Infrared Training Center.
Vibration and bearing analysis
Automation Thermography Systems
Trust to know everything
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Our Customers

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Our Portfolio goes from private customers to big Companies, from small inspections to several days surveys, from one spot inspection with portable equipment to fixed automation camera systems.

We don’t want to hide details.

Simply, you could be a private Customer that want to stay anonymous or a big Company that doesn’t want to listen to rumours.

Therefore we just tell you that every day we work in Italy or abroad in inspection activities and that, after 5 years since when we started with training activities, we have prepared more than 300 certified thermography inspectors to be operative and reliable in the field.

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