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Th-IM by IMC Service – The Infrared Solution

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How can you manage IR inspections activities as a Corporate?

Th-IM by IMC Service is “The Infrared Solution”.


Th-IM by IMC Service – The Infrared Solution

Your perfect scenario, as Global Maintenance Manager, should be:

  • a plant (or several plants) with a well organised Condition Monitoring department;
  • a team of IR inspectors involved in different periodical inspection rounds;
  • several IR images taken periodically for every inspection point, in a scheduled and organised way;
  • periodical reporting required;
  • image database with several hundreds or thousands of images;
  • smooth analysis, approval and report generation procedures;
  • easy reporting and inspection tracking;
  • easy database query capability.

Well, this is the dream of any Maintenance or Reliability Manager.

But unfortunately, until now, IR images were taken by inspectors and managed as normal pictures. The final reporting is generated in pdf format or sometimes as a normal word or excel report, with unchecked IR images sticking on it.

Sometimes, with a big effort, the images are organised in different folders, normally according the inspection date. But any query and cross comparison is difficult, if not impossible in an easy way.

But now, imagine a different world, for a moment!

Imagine to have an IR image management system where each different player will be able to manage his activities…easily:

  • the maintenance engineer defines the inspection rounds, the area of each analysis, the inspection round schedule, the inspector name, other specific requirements;
  • the inspector receives directly in his computer (or tablet or smartphone) the indication of the round, with all details about what, where, when;
  • the round instruction contains all important details to perform a good survey with the right amount of images, with some examples;
  • the inspector has a simple and efficient system to upload the images in the system, after the shooting;
  • the expert receives the images once uploaded, makes the image analysis and the approval;
  • the report is automatically generated;
  • if required, an external expertise is available just clicking on a web link;
  • any data query is easy and fast and can be done from any approved computer.

And all this just with a normal web browser!

Is this a dream?

No, this is Th-IM, the new platform multi-user, cloud based (or client server, upon request), for IR inspection management developed by IMC Sevice – www.imcservice.eu

I’m proud to be the exclusive development partner for all Worldwide Th-IM applications.


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