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Concert in the dark

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The typical approach of professionals to the equipment is to think about it always only suitable for strictly professional applications, giving almost the idea that looking for new applications for objects normally in hand of “technicians” will give for them an indication of “poor reliability” of the Expert.


Concert in the dark

We do not agree.

We believe that in our World the cross functional application of techniques, applications and messages are now indispensable elements for a Service company that wants to work in the actual scenario, where intersections of cultures, people, styles and colours require every day to break the boundaries of the stereotypes.

So, when one day a Friend, a musician, heard about thermal images he started to tell me about a project, about some concerts in the dark.

Ci vuole il buio per veder le Stelle

A project were a blind Friend want to tell to the audience that has the sight sense the story of colour, that he personally never saw.

But to “see the Stars” the dark is required.

That dark so dark that normal people can only imagine.

And here the pairing between Art and technique appears, when to tell the story of that event our musician friend needs images…

…in the dark…

Two Flir IR camera have told the story of that concert, in the renewed theatre of Pergine Valsugana (TN).

Because the technique can become Art.

You can find the images in this site, as well: www.icontrastidelnero.com that represent the digital photography soul of DarkWave Thermo.

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