DarkWave Thermo 2.0

"The Ultimate Diagnostic Philosophy"

Your Condition Monitoring Company.

Thermography, bearing and vibration analysis, thermo flow analysis, “blower door” test, IR camera and vibration analysis automation systems, consultancy.

Advanced image manipulation techniques

Advanced thermographic analysis for application in restoration and VOC leaks

Over your expectations!

No other Italian companies can claim Level II and III inspectors and trainers in Thermography and Vibration analysis according the best international standards. And an International service.

Discover DarkWave Thermo 2.0

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We are happy to introduce you DarkWave Thermo 2.0.

If it’s true that the Evolution is the process with which the Universe evolves and adapts, day by day, we couldn’t stay ourselves.

Do you agree that thermography alone is not enough?

We had to make an evolutionary leap.

We have combined the best diagnostic techniques and the best experts, whether we speak of Industry, Construction, Restoration.

We are something new. We are Release 2.0.

We’re not “only” Thermography!


DarkWave Thermo is instrumental diagnostic applied to industry, building and restoration.

Because only objective data collected with relevant methods allow studies, analysis and proper decisions.

And proper decisions simply mean lower costs.

Our surveys and services, tailored made on Customer’s needs, are available in Italy, Europe, Russian Federation and Middle East.

In particular, in Northern Italy, in Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Toscana and Liguria.

The KPIs improve, in the Industry, with clear economical advantages. The livability improves, in a building, as well the comfort and the building envelope conservation.


DarkWave Thermo for Industry

Thermography, bearing and vibration analysis, applied to the condition monitoring system, for equipment and electrical installation evaluation, for rotating machine and production lines status assessment. 

Fixed automation camera systems for thermal acquisition and VOC leak detection. Fixed vibration and bearing control systems for rotating machines and bearing evaluation and control. 

Motor Testing and Energy Audit activities.

Thermal analysis applied to R&D. Production process improvement and optimisation. 


DarkWave Thermo for Building and Restoration

Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes according UNI EN 13187 standard. Water leak detection in flat roofs and walls and piping detection. Instrumental analysis applied to energy audit and energy saving. 

In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance using thermo flow meters.

“Blower door” testing for building envelope air tightness evaluation and proper window installation.

Analysis and expertise on building renovation activities quality.

Thermal analysis in transient condition and image manipulation methods for frescos, stuccos and restoration evaluation in general. False color infrared photography. 

First class

Level III – ISO 9712 for thermography. Level II – ISO 18436 for thermography and vibration analysis. Don’t forget it, we’re the release 2.0

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Best performance

The best IR cameras. Flir series T600 and P600 only. The beast bearing analysers. SPM Instrument only. The best building evaluation equipment. LSI and Minneapolis only.

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Nothing happens by chance!

There aren’t difficult analysis. There are only wrong people, equipment and moments. That’s why we’ll define the right inspection moment together.

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Nothing is too tricky !

We are not scared by problems

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Our Team joins first class technical skills and experience. Technicians, trainers, designers, producers. We never stop in front of the first trouble, because if a project can be successful, our Team will find the way to complete it.









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People say

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I had the pleasure to work with Luca for a laboratory experience at the University of Padua. The aim was to monitor the thermal behavior of different types of road surfaces by thermographic analysis. Luca is a very capable and skilled expert and he showed to me his deep knowledge in Thermography. In addition he is not only a good worker, he is really quick-mind and friendly person and is able to work with passion. It would definitely be a pleasure to work with him again.Ing. Fabio Canella
Ing. Fabio CanellaNational Trainee (Sales Area) presso Lidl Italia
Ho il piacere di lavorare con Dakwave Thermo da un po’ di tempo ormai per l’erogazione dei nostri corsi di formazione in termografia in molte delle sue varianti. Dopo un periodo iniziale di collaborazione sperimentale, il rapporto con Darkwave Thermo si è sempre più rafforzato grazie alle caratteristiche di professionalità, precisione e sopratutto, dote più apprezzata, la flessibiltà nell’offrire i propri servizi. Conto molto sulla partnership di Darkwave Thermo e mi auspico una proficua e durevole collaborazione per entrambe.Roberto Rinaldi
Roberto RinaldiManager ITC EMEA South East
I would like to thank you for the very professional course and especially Luca for his high scientific background and his methodology and approach of difficult technical issues.Eng. Vasilis Grapsas
Eng. Vasilis GrapsasEN ISO 9712 Level 3 (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT) - Welding & NDT Institute - Athens, Greece
DarkWave Thermo has been performing thermographic analysis for our Company, on a periodical basis, since 2011. Luca and his team are very professional, flexible and not only able to conduct the analysis but also to help us finding the right solution in case of problems. Thanks to Luca’s help, we’ve been able to fix some electrical issues in a very early stage. I suggest all the companies to schedule a periodical thermographic check with DarkWave Thermo, the benefits are definitely higher than the costs.Dott. Federico Zugno
Dott. Federico ZugnoQHSE Officer, EagleBurgmann BT S.p.A
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